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Here at We Hire Ltd, we are a leading supplier of Grab Hire in the Newport and Cardiff areas as well as Bristol and surrounds. We have years of valuable experience in supplying Grab Hire in South Wales for a wide variety of clients, ranging from the largest construction and civil engineering companies to small domestic self-builders. There is no job too big or small, so if you require Grab Hire in Newport or the surrounding areas please give us a call and allow one of our knowledgeable team to arrange it all for you.

 Grab Lorries

We couldn’t claim to be one of the best suppliers of Grab Lorries in Newport unless we had the best tools at our disposal, which is why we have invested heavily in new equipment. Our Grab Lorries are the best available and each is fitted with Epsilon M125L Long Reach Cranes and Kingshofer Buckets. Finally, our Grab Lorries are all Crossrail Compliant and fitted with modern safety equipment including underrun bars, sidescan technology, audiable warnings.

Grab Hire in Newport
Grab Hire in Newport
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Newport Based Grab Hire Service

Our 8 wheeler lorries are ideal for providing waste disposal services in South Wales and Bristol. Grab Hire is similar to skip hire in so far as you are not actually hiring the vehicle, instead you pay for a waste collection service, sometimes known as muck away, but we like to call this a Grab Away Service. It is often the most cost effective method to dispose of large quantities of heavy waste materials such as soil and concrete.

Inert Waste Collection

Most of the waste material we collect using our fleet of grab trucks is classified as Inert Waste, this is waste which does not chemically or biologically react and will not decompose. Examples of Inert Waste are Concrete, Brick, Stone, Sand and most naturally arising subsoil. Some types of waste are automatically recognised as Inert but some, such as soil, may have to undergo WAC Testing to check that they have not been contaminated by non-inert materials such as oil, heavy metals or excess organic matter.

Non-Hazardous Waste Collection

As well as Inert Waste, we are also able to collect and dispose of all Non-Hazardous Waste materials. These are materials cannot be classified as Inert as they may be chemically or biologically reactive or they may decompose, yet they are not harmful to human health and therefore not classed as Hazardous Waste. Examples of these may include mixed rubbish, such as wood, paper, metal and most household goods. Additionally we also specialise in Non-Hazardous Soil Disposal in Newport and South Wales..

Daywork, Nightwork and Bulk Haulage

In addition to our Grab Away Service, we can also supply grab lorries for Daywork, Nightwork and Bulk Haulage contracts. Daywork is where you hire one of our vehicles and operators for the day, this type of work is charged per hour and the customer is responsible for all tipping arrangements and costs. Nightwork is often the same, but at night, but it can also be a grab away service at night. Finally, bulk haulage is charged per trip and again the customer must take care of all tipping arrangements and costs.

Frequently asked questions

Grab lorries are vehicles that are used to clear away large amounts of waste from difficult to reach areas, using their attached hydraulic arm.

Grabs are used for the collection and transportation of large amounts of waste, primarily from commercial sites and construction projects. The hydraulic arm means that tricky areas can be reached easily, with less manpower required to shift heavy loads.

Grab lorries, on average, are around 3 metres wide. In order to allow a grab lorry to successfully enter your site, ensure that all access points have sufficient clearance either side.

Grab lorries can carry a variety of materials, including:

How long the vehicle takes to load depends on how the waste is situated – if it is neatly set out in one place, it will take around 15-20 minutes to load the vehicle.

Grab lorries weigh around 16 tonnes when they’re empty, and the maximum authorised mass of these lorries is 32 tonnes, so they can carry 16 tonnes of waste. In terms of volume, this is between 12 and 15 cubic metres, depending on the type of material.

Grab lorries can reach up to 8 metres with a double extension attached.

As long as the driver can position the lorry alongside the fence or wall, and they can see the material from the control platform, then a grab lorry can load over a wall.

The place you choose for your waste is crucial to the efficiency of its removal. Ensure that you place it out in the open, away from low hanging tree branches and cables, positioned in a place that allows the driver to pull up directly alongside the waste.

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